Samori PDF

Samori PDF

is an app to convert webpages to a pdf file


Easy to use, Tap share in SAFARI and select Samori PDF

or use Samori PDF app standalone.


Tap share again to Share pdf file to anywhere you like

ie. Bilag Cloud, files or any other app that supports pdf files.




No longer available built in in safari!!!!!!!!


Samori PDF Privacy policy



´Samori PDF´ Converts a web page to a PDF file


Then share the PDF file from ´Samori PDF´to ´Bilag Cloud´, To ´Files´or  regular  sharing.


´Samori PDF´ stores only the last converted file on your device.


We as a developer have noe acces to your data as they retain on your device.


We as a developer do not collect or send data, to us or any 3. part.


Deleting the App ´Samori PDF´  from your device will delete the app and the last converted file, but NOT the data you have shared.


Samori PDF Terms of use



´Samori PDF´ converts web pages to PDF document.


You as a user of´Samori PDF´are responsible for the content you share from ´Samori PDF´.


You are responsible for following rules and regulations for your country for, sharing the converted data.


´Samori PDF´ is presented as is, without any guarantee.


You are granted to use ´Samori PDF´ on these terms.



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