Fast Fisk


For Mac iPhone and iPad

(Same functionality)


Track your fishing gear and report catch


Easy to use throw out, and reel in


Complete tracking database with iCloud support


Track Crab, Lobster teine, net, hook and Line

Track Boat

Track Trawl

Track Fishing Locations

Report Catch count and weight and type

Weight in pound, kg, hectolitre or tonn

Draw on map length and Area, display depth profile

Share map with details in pdf or as image

Reports of catch by day weekend month year or location in pdf

Printout reports on AirPrint compatible printers or as normal sharing from any device

Mob button, man over board

Plan traps button

Plan trawl path button

Depth profile, Powered by Google

Throw out button

Reel in button

Local backup(only available on Mac) mainley for transfer to other user

iCloud backup, all data available on all Your devices at the same time

Adress lookup

Zoom button

Zoom to gear, path

Maps standard satelite hybrid and globe, Apple maps

Search field, search global, in own locations and coordinate

Heading direction iPhone, iPad

Heading degrees

Dark mode or light

A4 or Letter Printout

Multiple boats

Many types of gear


No running costs


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