Bilag Cloud



For mac, iPhone and iPad

(English and Norwegian)


´Bilag Cloud´ stores your vouchers/receipts in the iCloud.


Easy to use!

Take a picture of voucher/receipt and save.


Store private vouchers, work vouchers, or your company vouchers.


send voucher by email as PDF or picture file, print, or save in Files.


Searchable on voucher no, customer/vendor or amount.


Automatic voucher no, if chosen.


Available on iPad and iPhone.


Bilag Cloud Privacy policy



´Bilag Cloud´ saves images of Vouchers/receipts, users create with ´Bilag Cloud´, and save them in Apples iCloud, in a Private Database on Apples Servers.


The database is only available for the iCloud logged in, and created by, AppleID user.


We as a developer have no access to your data as it retains on Apples servers.


A local copy of the database, containing only thumbnail images and metadata for vouchers,  is stored on the users device.


we as a developer do not collect or send any data to us, or any 3. part.


Data can be deleted from Apples servers by deleting a Voucher or a Unit or Name in ´Bilag  Cloud´. Deleting a Unit deletes all Vouchers for that unit.


Deleting ´Bilag Cloud´  on the users device, does NOT Delete data stored in the iCloud, a Reinstall will download the users data.


Bilag Cloud Terms of use



´Bilag Cloud´ is intended to store Vouchers/ receipts, and metadata about these, local on your device, and in the Apple iCloud servers.


 You as a user of ´Bilag Cloud´are responsible for the content added to the ´Bilag Cloud´.


You are responsible for following rules and regulations for your country for, storing the intended data.


The disk usage on Apple iCloud, is accounted against your iCloud storage for your Apple ID, if you run low on disk space, you buy more iCloud Storage from Apple, not from us.


The software is presented as is, without any guarantee.


You are granted to use ´Bilag Cloud´ on these terms.


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